How Do I Improve …? Change Your Thinking Habits

How come?

You got to where you are because you acted.  All actions are based on thinking.  If you want to improve change your thinking habits and your actions will change.

There are two big umbrellas strategies that you may use for changing your thinking habits.  One is the quality assurance cycle made popular by Deming while working in Occupied Japan.  The other gets called manifesting or positive thinking or power of belief.

Which strategy works best to change thinking habits?  That depends on you.

If you are very rational, scientific and don’t have a lot of belief in the unseen, the quality assurance cycle may work best for you.  In a large nutshell the quality assurance cycle works some thing like this:

  • measure where you are now;
  • plan where you want to be and what you think you can do to get you there;
  • implement the plan;
  • evaluate how well the plan worked did you get to where you wanted?;
  • revise plan if needed;
  • implement plan;
  • repeat process until goal achieved.

If you are intuitive then the manifesting or positive thinking may work best.  This strategy in a nutshell is something along these lines:

  • You get what you think about with attached emotion;
  • If you want something different change your thinking habits.

The changes in your inner world will be reflected in the external.
The results aren’t measured exactly.  Many believe that this principle works a lot of the time but there are undefined more powerful principles that may override it.

Now there is a third umbrella taught by Dr.Norman Vincent Peale in his writings.  You combine the two.  Dr. Peale stressed that if you just changed your thinking and didn’t do anything else it was unlikely to get any positive results.  He urged you to:

  • stop;
  • think – assess and plan; write out the plan
  • visualize – changes thinking habits;
  • pray – taps soul and subconscious mind or creative powers.

Stop and think about it, doesn’t this make the most sense.

Recommended Resources:

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Positive Thinking
available from most bookstores and Amazon. has a free condensed e-book version.

(We do not receive any compensation for the recommendations or links in this post.)

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