What Does Visualization Have to Do With Change Thinking Habits?

What does visualization have to do with change thinking habits?
Why do I go on and on …
about visualization.

Visualization an effective, efficient,
readily available to everyone and free.
It has potential to create massive changes quickly,
without the “work”.
I did not say immediately…

The downside to using visualization
for changing thinking habits:

  • Discipline–it really needs to be a regular activity.

Imagine your life is really a movie.
You are the star.
Like any good star you
play your role better if you imagine you really are the character…

  • You dress like the character…
  • Eat and talk and walk like the character…
  • You feel the same feelings…
  • You do your best to become the character.

Then when it comes round to making the
movie you don’t have to act.
You are the character…

An actor is using visualization
when he pretends to be the character…

When visualization is used in real life
a part of your mind forgets you’re acting
and you become the character…

That part of your mind will adjust
the physical world to match the new

Now to extend the movie analogy…

You are also the writer and

You choose the characters and script and
props and stage settings.

If something isn’t going by the script
You have responsibility to stop and straighten
it out…

Repeat…Until its right.

Ok will you at least try an experiment?

Start off with something small
and not too important to you.


The purpose is to create a small success quickly.
The small success increases belief
that this visualization thing really

So keep it small
it increases the chances
that it will be under your
direct influence and not
subject to other controlling

If it’s too important there
may be too many conflicting
emotions.  Conflicting emotions are difficult
to get into alignment and will take
longer to see results.

So choose something small that
still has meaning to you…

  • Maybe an extra $60 for a date.
  • Maybe that special someone agrees to the date…
  • Maybe you come across the perfect gift for…
  • You just happen to find something that you have wanted for ages ata bargain price or even someone gives it to you…

Now that you have decided on the end result:

  • What are you feeling (emotions?)
  • What are you smelling?
  • What are you hearing?
  • What are you tasting?
  • What are you seeing?
  • What are feeling with touch?

The emotions are the common language
of our thinking and emotional minds.
Our senses engage our emotional mind
and allow you to change thinking habits…
When thinking habits change then behavior


Twice a day, when you first wake
up and when you fall asleep
Take yourself to your private
theater, inside your mind
go up on the stage



  • the person receiving the $60
  • the person getting the date
  • or the person finding a treasure

Remember you are living this
use all 5 senses.

You’re like me I have a hard time
with tastes and smell…
get your hands on something that has
the right smell when the script calls
for that smell hold it up to your nose.
Get something edible
that has the right taste and when
the script calls for that taste
take a small nibble.

Keep this routine up for three months
or until you see results.

Ryan Higgins of Mind Movies came up
with a high-tech twist.  He made videos
of his goals and affirmations to watch
on the computer.  You can find
out what they are like by signing
up for the newsletter and claim
the two bonuses.

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